Response - Recovery - Resilience

Sail Relief Team - Hurricane Maria relief for Puerto Rico - #puertoricoselevanta

Founded in 2017 in response to the devastating Atlantic hurricane season, our mission is to bring disaster relief to remote, isolated and underserved coastal communities. We address the three core needs of Response, Recovery and Resilience to preserve life in times of emergency and rebuild quality of life in the aftermath. Our project is backed by the Burning Man Organization's 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all contributions are tax-deductible.

Our response and support boats allow us to respond to the immediate needs of disaster victims including search and rescue, first-aid, clean drinking water, and communications. Using sailing vessels allows us to operate in places where fuel is scarce and house our team in a self-sufficient way that contributes resources to affected communities without straining damaged infrastructure.

Recovery from the damage done by natural disasters can take a long time and a lot of resources. After the emergency has passed, we coordinate donations and volunteers to support communities in rebuilding.

Resilience against the next disaster is vital to vulnerable and isolated communities. During the recovery and rebuilding process, we support projects that harden power, communications, and medical infrastructure to make communities stronger and better prepared to weather the next storm.

We are currently working in Puerto Rico to support those people who have no other means to recover from the damage Hurricane Maria has done to their homes and lives.

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We've partnered with small coffee farmers affected by Hurricane Maria to source locally grown and roasted coffee from family farms in Puerto Rico. The program is simple: you subscribe to our Coffee of the Month Club and each month we'll send you a pound of Puerto Rican coffee grown and roasted by Americans recovering from the 2017 hurricane season. About half of the cost goes directly to the farmers, a quarter goes to Sail Relief Team's ongoing efforts in Puerto Rico, and the rest covers the cost of packing and shipping.

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