The last few months have been a huge learning experience for us. We’ve found our niche among the relief groups and NGOs here in Puerto Rico. We’ve identified the areas where we can do the most good for the greatest number of people. We’ve also learned a lot about ourselves and who we want to be as an organization.
Out of this trial-by-fire, the goals of Sail Relief Team have crystalized into a clear mission to aid coastal communities affected by natural disasters. Our strategy has three major components:Response to the immediate disaster using the sailboat to bring power, water, food, medical, and communications supplies to the hardest hit and most remote communities.Organizing and supporting Recovery efforts after the emergency by partnering with other groups and organizing volunteers. We carry our own tools and equipment  to help with demolition, clearing debris and rebuilding.

Creating Resilience against future disasters through renewable energy and disaster-preparedness education. We help to rebuild communications, medical and power infrastructure to survive storms.


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