Current Projects

La Finca de Hamberto and the Vieques Volunteer House

rainbow over the Finca, March 2020

Our work here on Vieques continues. We are constantly planting new seeds, working on amending the soil (very hard and sandy here as you can imagine!), tending animals, and – now that it is dry season – watering the crops.

We’ve been extremely lucky to host a number of stellar volunteers via Workaway and Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms. Volunteers have been working on fencing, gardening, animal care, and the million and one things that go into a working farm and learning space.

Right now, we are particularly excited about the chicken pallet palace that two of our awesome volunteers are building. Once this is complete, it will enable us to radically expand the number of chickens living at the farm and thereby offer more eggs for sale to more people and institutions on Vieques.

Sneak peek! under construction!

Until the movement restrictions came into place, we were continuing with our food waste recovery program, averaging over five thousand pounds of waste a month repurposed at the farm. Once the restrictions lift and the restaurants re-open, we will reanimate this program.

In the meantime, we are enjoying eating food from the gardens and lots and lots of duck and chicken eggs.