La Finca de Hamberto and AVES (Apoyo en Vieques para la Educación y la Sostentabilidad) are projects of Sail Relief Team, located at the Vieques Volunteer House.

La Finca is a learning farm and a community space in the El Pilón part of Vieques. We have pigs, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and sheep. We have two gardens where we grow a variety of different food crops. We are part of WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and we also host farm volunteers via WorkAway.

You can learn more about La Finca and keep up to date on our activities by joining our Facebook page, or by following us on Instagram @LaFincaDeHamberto.

mama pig and piglet

Animals at La Finca

Currently, we take care of over ten adult pigs and forty+ piglets, a small flock of sheep, more than twenty ducks, and mnay many chickens. We sell duck and chicken eggs and we are in the process of building a new coop (we call it the ‘Palletce’) for our chickens, out of recycled pallets, which will expand our capacity to care for more laying hens.

farming at La Finca

Gardens and Food

We have two large kitchen gardens and we are constantly expanding the space available for growing more food. Currently, we grow peppers (aji dulce, a native crop to Puerto Rico, and others), eggplant, basil, radishes, cabbage, tomatoes, passionfruit, yuca, gandules, yautía, plantains, and bananas (guineos). We are a proud member of the Vieques Agricultural Collective.

collection bucket

Food Excess Diversion Program

We have partnered with several local restaurants here on Vieques to rescue their excess and divert it away from the landfill, here for use at La Finca. Since the program began in 2018, we estimate we have saved over twenty-thousand pounds of usable excess from the landfill.

please join us for a farm visit

the next time you are on Vieques!