Environmental Cleanups

Vieques relies on its natural beauty to support a tourism economy. We've teamed up with local groups to clean up trash and storm debris on beaches and in neighborhoods around the island. Projects like this help support community resilience through a stronger local economy and stewardship of public spaces.

6 Month Anniversary

Yesterday marked six months after Hurricane Maria and we woke up in the morning on Vieques in yet another blackout. According to Puerto Rico's Power Authority, 103,000 people still don't have electricity — and even those who do cannot rely on it. The next Atlantic hurricane season starts in just three months and we have barely started … Continue reading 6 Month Anniversary

Habitable Homes

We provided assistance with home repair and debris removal for families in Vieques recovering from Hurricane Maria who are unable to complete the tasks due to mental, physical or financial circumstances.  This is part of our ongoing project to make homes safe and livable again.  

Heavy Equipment

This massive multi-day debris removal project put our volunteers' stamina to the test. They even worked until midnight when the loader and dump truck were delayed. All the volunteers and generous truck and loader drivers worked overtime to get this one done! Thank to Buchy, his amazing team and all our volunteers!